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A short overview of commonly used Talk Talk (Carphone Warehouse) short codes for managing your calls. Including divert, ring back, call waiting etc.


A phone line with Talk Talk (Carphone Warehouse) and a touch tone phone.


Call Diversion

Divert your calls to another number when your away from your phone.

Diverting your calls* code * phone number to diver to #
Checking your diversions* # code #
Switching off# code #

Where code above is replaced by the codes shown.

21 divert all calls
61 divert calls you don't answer within 15 seconds
67 divert calls when your phone is engaged

Call Waiting

Tells you when other calls are trying to get through.

Note: You will hear a beep when someone is trying to call when you are on the phone.

Switching on* 43 #
Speaking to your 2nd callerRecall
Returning to your 1st callerRecall
Checking that it's on* # 43 #
Switching off# 43 #

Ring Back

Calls to let you know when an engaged number becomes free.

Note: Ring back will try up to a maximum of 45 minutes.

Setting upPress 5 on hearing an engaged tone and wait for confirmation.
Answering a Ring BackPick up handset when you hear special ring
Checking* # 37 #
Cancelling# 37 #


Tells you the last number that called you.

Finding out the number1471
Calling the number back3

Further Information

For further information please visit the Talk Talk website or the Talk Talk support website


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